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Yes, that’s right!

Just a quicky! Well, today was a good day… I picked up the initial batch of Headlamp-Brackets (or stays as some will still insist on calling them!) for the WEBB forks and Miller 8″ headlamp, so good for Velocette, Norton, Triumph and other manufacturers also on their pre-war Girders. NOT, I might add, for the Velocette telescopic DOWTY-forks, they are different (and in the making, of course!)

Only 10 sets for a start, so that I can sort out any discrepancies before the launch ‘proper’. They are great, apart from a few radii that need sorting – a minor job, but still would be a nuisance if I had to do it for 100! BETTER TO GET IT RIGHT, so that’s what I’m aiming at!

These are made of Ø1/2” (12.5mm), 305 Stainless tubing, 1/16” (1.5mm) thick. No skimping here! Extremely stabkle and will stay on yer bike (or the shelf) nearly forever without deteriorating. Useful if you remember that (not only) the English weather can be quite damp! Even in Queensland, the humidity is way up there for a good part of the year, so also useful even here!

I do realise that they are not actually “original”, – no, the originals were pressed steel in a half-round, which flexes and tires, leading to cracking of paint and the inevitable rust and subsequent weakness, vibration and ugliness. These will never rust, droop or otherwise compromise your beast!. Sent out in raw stainless, it’s up to the new owner to paint or powder-coat to their spec, black, WD-green or even polish for the next ‘chrome-wars’! No brewer’s droop either, though I might have to double-check and make a slight adjustment for those with 19” front wheels (actually, there is not much difference between the 21” and 19” in overall diameter, due to the different aspect ratios of the tyres available) I shall try them on both and report accordingly!

This week also finalising the details of the Miller Star insert and should have those available to the public very soon!

Here some pictures of the initial fit-up:

2013-02-18 18.35.082013-02-18 17.58.58 2013-02-18 18.34.39

Not too bad for a first try, eh!? And all done by Mark at BRF Engineering in Wingfield, South Australia. Thanks, Mark!

Today we had 38˚C, so not exactly cold… the last few days were also 37˚C, but tomorrow should be cooler! I hope!!

Here are pictures of the actual Items:

2013-03-26 17.33.38

2013-03-26 17.34.18

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