Prefix 10 gearbox - kickstart end

Prefix 10 gearbox – kickstart end


Prefix 10 Velo gearbox

Today I decided to take the two boxes apart and compare them… The 10-prefix one (pictured above) looked pretty dry (despite being the later one), so I thought that I would start there… Not many nuts and bolts holding this together, so no wonder that any oil that might have been in there has leaked out! So here’s a general look around…

Gear linkage on the prefix 10 Box

Gear linkage on the prefix 10 Box



The first thing I want to get done is to remove the front cover and the kickstart quadrant. Easiest way to do this is with help of the Carpenter’s vice that I have! Absolutely indispensable in the workshop, far more useful at this stage than a metal vice! Opens really wide and holds well with the wooden jaws, without doing any damage. Also quite useful as a press! So, first up, hold the gearbox in the vice and try to get the bits off while it is in a stable position:


Modified tyre-levers rather than screwdrivers are used to prise off the kickstart-housing and generous use of the nylon mallet to get the vibes going! Same goes for the font cover, and all goes well without any damage or marks left behind.


Slide out the mainshaft…


…and take out the pins that locate the selectors by either drifting them out from the drive side of the case or by attaching the nuts on the front cover and drawing them out. Whichever method used, this frees the gears to be drawn out of the cases together


I just drew them out and put them in the front cover for location for the photo…As you can see pretty dry, but in very dry condition. The bearings are surprisingly good, but the gears look almost unused, with machining marks still intact all over. All other nuts and bolts sticking out of the box are removed and the various bits still attached are then freed on the inside. The two sprung levers are removed by undoing the nuts and driving the bolt into the casing, the clutch actuating lever is screwed into the casing and has to be unscrewed to get it out! If you bash it, you will hear the difference immediately! The rest is rusty inside, but not too bad to use, in fact quite good condition, despite the surface rust:


Inside the box isn’t any better, but all easy to clean up.


Here is the back of the box and the (wood-)screws that I removed and a picture of the whole box and all its bits!


Tomorrow I’ll do the other box and there are a few surprise differences there that I was unaware of and can’t find any explanation for!

So, until then, I’m off to bed! Ciao!

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