My Pledge and Mission Statement:

To produce patterns, parts and services of uncompromisingly the highest standards of workmanship, materials and fit
for all Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycles.

Dedicated to the pioneers of our time, when transport was an adventure and a luxury that few could afford. When men wore waxed moustaches and women rode side-saddle! This is a slightly different manufacturing entity; where old methods, old standards and old machines are resurrected and maintained, where a man’s word is his bond and where you will find many things that you believed belonged to a bygone age… or at the very least, were extinct!

At least you thought so! Not anymore. I aim to change that. How many unused, broken, crashed, incomplete or ‘collected’ Veteran, Vintage and Classic bikes languish, rotting slowly, in some shed or yard, barn or farm, far from prying eyes, hidden forever and destined to end their journey, disgraced, as piles of ‘cherished’, precious, jealously guarded heaps of rust – or reduced to merely 1:1 scale models of the functional machines they once were?

Without parts to complete them, which are worthy of being used to replace the originals, there is at least an ‘excuse’ (if only a weak one!) for them to continue in this state.

I shall begin by making all the castings to make up and restore complete sets of heavyweight ‘Webb’ front forks (as used by at least 80% of the bikes manufactured in GB between about 1930 and 1947), complete sets of frame lugs for Velocette MSS, KTS, KSS and some KTTs built approximately between 1936 and 1947. HID lighting setups (plug-and-play) for real use or simply to offer daytime visibility to the much ‘I-never-saw-it-coming’, overseen motorcycles – mostly those of the time when motorbikes were more numerous than cars!

Many other parts will follow, from engine castings to tinware and very definitely on the cards early on is a fully functioning front brake hub setup that is worthy of its name, looks 100% the part and will fulfil the normal demands of modern traffic – only a dream with most of the older bikes that I have ridden. They didn’t work when they were new, so why should they do so after 70 years??

Business begins on the 19th of July, 2012, when the company will be registered in South Australia as a Limited Liability, Proprietary Company.

© peter gouws, 2012

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