KA169/2 John Bull pillion footrest rubbers for rigid Velocette models.  

 I am proud to offer here the only KA169/2 footrest rubbers for the rigid Velocette range, exactly the same as the original part with the step for the 1936- onwards bikes: Will, of course, fit all the rigid MOV, MAC, MSS and KSS as well as earlier models, too. 

 The patterns ‘readily available’ for more than £12 each (!) are incorrectly closed on the top surface and have (unlike the originals) vertical ridges along the top of the front and rearward-facing edges. You will also find that the upper surface is incorrectly quite flat compared to the originals and that the ribbing and the thickness of the rubber is not constant, bulging in places, indicating that a soft material has been used for a mould, instead of using a proper metal die as a form.

 The rubber of the available patterns is also quite different, being relatively soft and glossy (almost slimy), as opposed to the matte finish of this hard-wearing material. The metal moulded-in inserts are stainless and should give no problems for many years of use and, quite naturally, will fit the original screws. (Recommended would be to use some grease or copper-paste to stop the threads sticking when attaching them with normal steel screws, though, as stainless is very ‘sticky’ and will indeed corrode when in contact with iron or mild steel)

 The last picture shows the correct domed top surface and the straightness of the ribs. Absolutely as original 🙂

 My aim is to provide only the best of the best on the market. 

 Quite apart from the difficult and lengthy search for absolutely unused and definitely 100% original parts to make facsimiles of (this time located in Australia!), High-Tech methods are employed with close quality-control at every step of the process to ensure absolute accuracy and consistency of these items . 

 I am 100% sure that you will be 100% satisfied with these, they will be an absolutely authentic, hard-wearing, stylish addition to your classic Velo, which was built to last and made to ride hard.