Velocette Gearbox  5-5741

Velocette Gearbox 5-5741


Choices, choices!

Having looked through my box of bits again, I dragged out the other gearbox in there…Interesting!

Had a look at the numbers, of course not so obvious on the photos, but one is 5-5741 (which places it squarely in the 1939 category with one-down, three-up arrangement which would go together nicely with the engine I have here…and the other is a 10-204 (which goes nicely with my postwar frame – did I get around to illuminating or even mentioning the hotch-potch of bits I have here??), so (probably) early post-war, with a reversed quadrant, giving one-up and three-down.


Postwar (1947?) 10-204 Velocette Gearbox

Postwar (1947?) 10-204 Velocette Gearbox


WOW! What an opportunity to just choose which I would prefer! My personal choice is the one-up and three-down arrangement, BUT, what if I let anyone else ride it? Safety would dictate that the other way round is better, as stamping on the gear-lever (thinking that it’s a brake!) at least slows the bike down (until the cogs strip…)

Both boxes next door to one another

Both gear-boxes next door to one another on the bench


Put next door to one another there are only minor differences in bushings and covers. What struck me was the difference in the length of the gear-change linkage…the early box had a linkage that was nearly two inches longer! (it also seemed to be a non-original, chromed item, whereas the later box was painted and had numbers cast proud on it, so presumably original. I’ll have a look into that. Both were knackered and look like either having to be re-bushed or partly re-manufactured before being of any practical use. Until I get a useable gear-change-lever and all the associated bits it will be difficult to set things up and make any decisions. First a look inside will tell me if the innards are any use and what can be recovered and what cannot and even if they have the same ratios. In this heat, things are moving a bit slower, as there are also things that need doing to the house while it is dry! I will try to have another go tomorrow at at least one of the boxes to have a look inside!! For the meantime, I shall retire ‘early’ and take up this blog in the early morning, when it’s probably only around 26°C…

Goodbye for now and thanks to Wayne for his advice and long ears!!

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