Time takes its toll, yes, but in some ways is also a healer! The picture above is a ‘before’ and with a bit of time and hopefully not too much money, something better will definitely become of it 🙂

I am beginning agonisingly slowly to put some workshop equipment together again for my various projects. Drill press and Myford longbed lathe with gearbox and a load of accessories, including Capstan and (small!) milling capability; bandsaw, bench-grinder, polisher, small lever-arm press and the usual collection of hand- and machine-tools, measuring and thread-cutting tools are nearly complete. Loads of good spanners of all types, Allen keys, screwdrivers and -bits, pretty much complete hand-tool setup for woodwork and patternmaking. Just need a few pullers and such, just waiting for the lathe to be up and running (the cellar is very small and needs a complete rework to make space to work in) so that I can start making stuff like bushes and screws, nuts and bolts.

No space to work on a complete bike, so will have to make do with a bit of pattern-making and working on engines and their refurbishment.

I have a new area and ‘learning curve’ in the form of smaller prewar J.A.P. engines – up to 250cc – in both SV and OHV versions. Beginning to gather bits and pieces and am on to more possible items at the moment – will tell if they come to fruition.

I have an almost complete ’29 200SV engine (see above) + an empty crankcase for a 1930 175/200/250cc OHV lump. I have a Pilgrim oil pump and an extra outer magneto-drive cover, my Inner one is broken and will need replacing, as will the valves/springs/keepers and short pushrods will need replacing, cam looks good, engine not get split – the piston and bore seem to be in good nick with little wear. The three pictures below prior to disassembly and cleaning up!

Negotiating at the moment for a 1935 POZ/R****/S overhead-valve, dry-sump, double roller-bearing driveside main-bearing engine in definite need of a complete going-over and more than likely a new barrel and piston, too (Pretty rare, unfortunately, as most of the smaller engines regularly exploded with hard (mis)use back then… Will be an interesting and worthwhile project to cut my teeth on! This is a picture of the relics I am getting soon…

Interesting are the gearbox, the alloy cylinder barrel and the UFO attached to the head…