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GTP ‘Before and After’ Album

Ode to a Motorsickle… Well, long promised and never seen the light of day before, here are the pictures Pud took of the GTP when he first got it back in 1968. Not in a sorry state, but 30 years old already and ‘well used’, and not exactly with a very high mileage, about 10.000….

GTP and pre-War MOV single-plate clutch

It is certainly not every day that anyone gets the chance to have a look at and dismantle a Velocette single-plate clutch, as fitted to the pre-war MOVs and the GTP series of bikes, so I thought that while I’m at it, I could take a few pictures and document what it looks like and…

GTP Gearbox-strip #1

Own up! Anyone out there ever worked on a GTP that really ran well?? I haven’t and in fact have never had one of these ‘go through my hands’, so it is something completely new to me altogether! Apparently the problem with this one is a ‘tight’ gearbox, which has to be looked at, since…