oily rag 1949 MAC engine

oily rag 1949 MAC engine


SO, today I had a real walkaround and took a closer at the MAC to see what parts would be needed to turn this into a real stunner. On top of this will come the cost of blasting (where necessary, which I don’t really think that it will be) priming and painting/powder-coating and the cost associated with wheel-building and tyres, of course.
Parts missing/needed:
Electrics: Dynamo, electronic voltage regulator (+dummy mechanical body and cover), wiring loom, tail-light, headlamp (H4 unit), ammeter, headlamp switch, (optional main/dip switch on handlebar) Horn, horn button switch, rear brake switch.
Tinware: Dynamo drive cover (or repair), Miller headlamp rim, battery strap, T-bars for rear stand, tank strap (vibration), repair toolbox locking tab inside, petrol- and oil-tank filler caps, Dowty damper knob, bum-pad, rebushing of seat-mounting (to stop it wobbling all over the place!), repair of the two dents in the tank and, finally, knee rubbers.
Engine: O-ring conversion for pushrod-tube, new exhaust pipe (silencer??) Probably a complete internal re-build, but that can only come to light after closer inspection.
Gearbox: Kickstart-lever (rechrome?) Check the bearings etc.
Other: A full set of chains and probably sprockets and a full compliment of cables, so clutch, throttle, front-brake and decompression and tyres!!

Until I at least take the head off, I can’t ascertain what else might be needed in parts or labour, but it runs readily, didn’t vibrate (so the flywheels have been properly assembled!), smoke, splutter or rattle (more than would be normal) no clatters or thumps from worn bearings. All seems too settled to want to disturb. I’m almost inclined to say “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, this runs so enthusiastically and sweetly…

I have made an extra page ‘photos’ with a load of pictures I made…see what YOU think!

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