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LOTS of Velocettes at Brooklands…

For those of you a little too far away to catch the ‘action’ at Brookands, whether at ‘home’ or abroad, here are a few pictures of the event. The pictures speak for themselves for the most part and will require little extraneous comment! The weather was beautiful spring-time stuff, with a spattering of rain and crisp sunshine, with little wind until the afternoon.

To get the full “value” of these pics taken with a phone (what else!), please click to get them shown full size…

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The display in sheer quantity, diversity and quality was astounding, especially as the event was only made public at such short notice in the last Fishtail! Fabulous turnout!

One could almost believe that there were more ‘cammy’ Velos produced than all the others put together, judging by the amount of MkI and MkII KSSs and KTTs that were there!!

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Enjoy the pictures and just see to it that if at all possible, that you can make it to the next ‘event’ of this kind, wherever it might be!!

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Yours truly below, soon after arrival, photographed by a friendly fellow ‘Velocetter’ who I also had a great chat to! My beard not yet quite as long as some of the lively tales that I heard recounted there, either!!

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Only a few of rigid MSSs (3 actually)

2014-03-23 11.31.332014-03-23 11.42.162014-03-23 11.42.23

And the usual expected amount of RS framed bikes. Surprisingly not in the same numbers as the K-series, perhaps due to the historically ‘sporting nature’ of the venue?

2014-03-23 11.41.552014-03-23 11.52.202014-03-23 11.52.53

I particularly liked this mod, the oil-cut-off lever being so long, that kickstarting the bike would immediately ‘draw attention to’ the fact that it was in the ‘off’ position!

There was also a spattering of MACs (iron and alloy) and a couple of MOVs (all racing bikes, not a ‘road bike’ among them, unfortunately!). The Two-strokes were also there, but not (as could be expected!) in great numbers… even a Ladies’ bike was there, dated 1925…

2014-03-23 11.56.282014-03-23 11.56.50

Some of Ivan Rhodes’ bikes were also even there, as photographed below;

2014-03-23 13.21.262014-03-23 13.21.202014-03-23 13.21.56

A very early two-stroke was also there, but for some reason the photo seems to have disappeared!!

Well, as you can see, there was a fantastic turnout, few ‘personalities’ were also there, making the day was well worth the visit. Altogether a very pleasant trip, including pleasant words and technical tips exchanged with others with far more experience and knowledge than oneself!!

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