Nuts about Bikes?

My 1938 Ariel Red Hunter, 2003, Germany

My 1938 Ariel Red Hunter, 2003, Germany


…did you ever think why…?

What on Earth is the appeal of old motorcycles (or any other machinery, for that matter…) of any kind? They would seem to have a generally poor reputation for being overweight, over-loud, unreliable and costly to buy and maintain, even if some of them are a ‘good investment’ and so relegated to only being of interest to ‘collectors’!

Is it the meaty, grunting, growling or ‘woofling’ sound of the exhaust and the rattle of chains, gears and reciprocating parts that appeal? Is it the basic, functional or powerful and purposeful looks with all those exposed pipes, knobs and levers, the appeal of whirring, rotating and sliding mechanical parts that you can magically actually SEE doing their work?

Whatever brought you to the water could be very different to me, but, now that you are here, it would seem that you are at least a bit interested in older machines. It all started for me a long time ago when I was thirteen and has taken until now (43 years later) to actually ‘come out’ with it…

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