Been wondering why there has not been so much blog activity recently? There has been an awful lot going on in the background, and while it was happening, I didn’t want to make any premature announcements, in case things didn’t go quite according to plan…

As it happens, more has actually gone according to plan, than was originally planned for, so that went well! So, no pictures, but a few explanations:

I have in the last few months been up to quite a mixed bag of monkey-business: I started and finished a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, courtesy of ‘Mission Australia’ here in Adelaide, where I also had hands-on and specific advice and help to set up business on the NEIS-program. All this in the space of a few months, full-time and very informative and helpful. I won’t bore you all with the details, but I was struggling with getting back into work after a works accident, and so decided to do something for myself, since no-one else was in a position to help.

I was wrong there, as despite being unemployed (or actually because I was…) I was able to sign up for the course etc. There are a few stipulations and a few hoops to jump through, but all in all, a very accessible program for those that really do want to do something for themselves.

Sort of ‘end of plug’, but not really, as I will be eternally grateful to all those that have given the opportunity and have helped thus far and into the future.

To this end, this week will be taken up with various administrative tasks (like paying for public Liability insurance etc.) and some general running around, and including mental preparation for a three-hour, invigilated, Law exam next Monday, the 23rd!

My logo (which I ‘designed’) has now become a Registered Trade Mark and the name ‘ClassicBikeNut’ is also registered nationally in Australia as my business name by ASIC. The Domain name I have had since October of last year! What started out as an intention to write a book has grown quite a bit since then…

The book should be ready for Amazon by the end of this month, so that’s slowly coming to fruition, too. Checking will be finished on the 19th, the rest of the time is what it will take to get set up with the merchant!

I have had some activity on the ‘Club’ front, with contacts and input swelling, giving loads of ideas and support from members for the coming months and suggestions for items that could be useful to make. Many, many suggestions, some more immediately ‘viable’ than others and some which have definitely gone on the shortlist!

As was reported earlier, I acquired a small lathe and other equipment will be surfacing from time to time, when I earn a bit from making parts, I’ll have enough money to buy things to help make more parts with! Like every other small business, I am just that, and will grow slowly and steadily.

The first parts to be actually made will be top and bottom Yokes for heavyweight Webb forks, the side links for the prewar, double-sided-damper setup, top and bottom, too.

Very promising also are contacts which have been made to re-manufacture completely original Miller and Lucas 8-inch reflectors and light-fittings, with a choice of three headlamp-lenses, two prewar (both flat, one ‘frosted’ and the other ‘fluted’) and a fluted convex lens (without the ‘cats-eye’) for postwar bikes. The interesting bit is that these will also be compatible with halogen or HID bulbs, which are being specifically developed with these headlamp-units in mind, offering the best beam-pattern and safety, whilst keeping current-drain to a minimum, allowing even very elderly electrical-setups to function all day without undue stress. There is even talk of 6-Volt HIDs! I call it ‘reducing to the max’.

I have found at least one foundry, not only able, but also willing (!) to handle small batches and offer high precision and best materials in iron, steel and aluminium. Looking good!

Just a bit off-subject, I am also studying Migration Law postgrad, on a part-time basis, to stop the old grey matter from shrinking… and that will be a very pleasant and challenging change to the workshop-environment for those chilly evenings, when there aren’t any Club-meetings!!

The rebuild of the KSS has slowed, due to lack of funds at present, but there is still a lot that I can do that is already here (but will require either funds or time to sort out) Slowly, slowly, catch a monkey, they say, however, I’m looking to have this one together and running by October, for my sponsored run up to the National Motorcycle Museum in NSW. Things are also taking shape there, too and all will be revealed as soon as I have some more concrete answers to some requests that have gone out.

All very exciting for me, but perhaps less so for all of you (which is why I didn’t say anything much before). Still, over the next few months, things will gradually change ahere and the benfits will start to trickle through for all of us! More regular blogs, some movement on the restoration, lots of pictures, plans that unravel and most importantly, parts to be made available for purchase, to get and/or help keep some bike on the road (again)!

© peter gouws 2012

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