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Breaking News!!

Imagine! My book is now finished and published, as an eBook to start with, available on AMAZON for Kindle (and Mac, Windows, various telephones etc.) Hard-copy will follow before Christmas, but get it now for an introductory Ten Bucks!

This has been in the pipeline for a while now and I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and publish as is, despite a few initial problems with the layout on the Kindle platform, which will resolve themselves as time goes on, I hope… Whatever, at last another step along the way.

More news? It also looks as if I shall be able to finish the bike in time for a run before Christmas up to the National Motorcycle Museum in NSW. I have managed to find the necessary funds to get things moving again and the planning for the journey has already progressed on paper, more of that later!

I shall also be upgrading my workstation and CAD-software (New version 7 of ‘FormZ’, a fantastic parametric 3D solid modeller) and so will be able to move forward at a better pace with the design of the patterns for the Webb parts, some of which are at an advanced stage! (see below)


I shall also be acquiring some more equipment to help in manufacture and upgrade my Chemical stocks for the Epoxy duplicate patterns and moulds that I will be making.

All looking good for the immediate future! At last, moving forward again!

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