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In the meantime, while the bike is not yet finished…

The Book is (on Amazon)!!!

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There is a BOOK! Really! This is an Amazon Kindle format book, which is readable everywhere on an any computer and all smart-phones, not only on a Kindle. Well, actually, as you probably already saw on the other pages of the website, there will be more than one, but one of them is already finished. I shall offer here a few snippets of the book for those curious to read it and there will soon be a fully illustrated real book available from the shop as soon as all the layout has been done professionally.

As time goes by, the sales of the e-book will go towards publishing the book on paper, along with the finished Restoration Blog and DVD of each one, so that there will eventually be a full set of the BikeNut-Series, the Introductory Book, 5 Restoration/Build books and DVDs, the ‘travelogues’ for each of the bikes concerned + some books/Pamphlets/DVDs with hints and tips on useful skills: Pattern-Making at home for castings and for ‘tinware’, Welding, Brazing and Soldering of all metals, including Aluminium, with Gas, MIG and TIG. Metal-Forming techniques including ‘English Wheel’ and use of Hammer-and-Dollies.

For each project there will be a comprehensive list of all contacts and dealers, clubs and specialist services, along with as much technical information as possible, + any parts that I have to make patterns for or fabricate will also be offered for sale (where there is a demand they will be put in stock).

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