This coming week looks like being an interesting one!! ‘Pud’ has decided to let me have a go at the gearbox on his early 1939 GTP, which is a bit different for me, as I’ve never actually worked on one of these bikes, or one of these gearboxes, either (the same internals, though as the MAC and MOV of the same era! A whole new ball-game! The project will also allow me to take and post some archival photographs, which might be interesting for those looking for an example to emulate when restoring their own bikes, should anyone have one out there. It’s a bit strange, Pud’s GTP is the only one I have EVER seen that actually runs!! All the ones I have seen up to now ‘still had problems’ that had to be sorted out, before they could be called ‘runners’ – probably due to the plethora of changes made during production and different parts ‘available’; getting a proper set of bits that actually work together is, apparently, a major challenge!! Pud’s bike is the xception to prove the rule! His has been meticulously kept in original condition and so is a very good yardstick for those seeking something unadulterated by previous owners or tens of years rotting somewhere and being used as a donor, or just sheer pilfered off!! All the handlebar controls, including the push-me-pull-you throttle is intact and working, the ‘perches’ for the switches etc are all there.

Altogether a pleasure to have in my (improvised) workshop at the parent’s place. Here anyway, are the first pictures, before I start stripping the box. Afterwards, I will do some ‘proper’ archival shots for the ‘album’ for would-be restorers and ‘comparers’. This really is a very nice, original example. Pud has had the bike about 35 years and has restored it conservatively, as is his wont. You only have to see his K-model (also on this site in the photos section) to see the standard of his work. He keeps all he can and repairs everything possible, but only restores what is necessary! How many times have I heard that someone has replaced everything possible with new parts and then maintain that their bike is absolutely ‘original’!!

You would be hard-pushed to find anything on the bike (apart from tyres/chains/oil etc.) that was not made about the time that the bike left the factory or very soon after. In Australia, we have one distinct advantage in regard to the ‘pre-war’ era bikes: most of the parts were shipped here prior to the war by Veloce, to avoid it being ‘commandeered’ by the government for the war-effort. Very far-sighted of the family and certainly very useful down here! Before I came here 8 years ago, I had no idea of the situation and it has certainly been an eye-opener. There are a great many bikes and enthusiasts ‘down under’, more than in the UK even, for the pre-war stuff, and a wealth of expertise in the racing department, too! There are probably more KTTs down here (and regularly raced!) than the rest of the world put together! Whatever, here are the first shots of Pud’s excellent GTP, for those interested… Lots of photos, so please be patient regarding loading.. it takes time, these are all full resolution photos!

2013-08-01 13.54.25

My excellent work-stand, a shipping-crate on its side (so that I can use it for storage under the bench!) with a door screwed to the top… Very hi-tech and a just a bit cheaper than the rather more expensive hydraulic versions available…


a nice shot of the engine and gearbox.




Exhaust and general arrangement at the rear end (the black insulation tape visible on the stays is to retain the wiring to the rear light)


Rear Number-plate…


Front 3/4 view of engine from the ‘drive’ side:


Just some random shots with little comment for the moment…



Original ‘pimply’ battery-housing


Carb and Voltage-Regulator


Brake-pedal arrangement


‘underslung’ pillion footrest mounts on earlier models


Drive-side rear brake and wheel-spindle arrangement.


Miller Voltage Regulator cover


Original ‘John Bull’ kneegrips…


Nice switchgear


Original dealer water-slide transfer (‘decal’)…


Also on the top of the toolbox


Oil Tank cap


Gearbox general view


Gearbox mounting and clutch cable.


Miller Genny…


Points cover and engine number


Push-me-pull-you Carbie set-up


…and relevant throttle arrangement…


Single-sided damper arrangement for ’38-’39




Perch horn-button



Mudguard ‘skirt at the front…



Interesting valve-cap!


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