What’s-going-to-be-a-bike turned up this morning!

Well, this is how it arrived! I thought that it was going to be a roll-on, roll-off job, but turns out to have been just right! I was wondering how I was going to pik the damned thing up from the depot, so I rang them asked if someone could bring it around to my place ‘on the way home’. A dozen bottles speak a thousand words and on Thursday, after a phone-call, it was arranged and I went to the ‘bottlo’ and picked up his poison (four, actually, as they don’t all stock ‘Southwark Bitter!). So I get home, sweep the front, twiddle my thumbs and am just about to go back inside, when I hear this ute turn up. I go to the front and see this ute with a big bubble-wrap thing on it! OMG, I thought, how in hell’s name are we going to get THAT off!

So I opened up the Garage and had a look; look at the ute, look at the bench, look at the ute…Yep! Just back it up, mate and we’ll stick it straight on the bench! He backed up, tailgate down, and it turns out that they were identical in height! All we had to do was slide it off the back!! Having made the ‘operating table’ a few weeks ago on arbitrary measurements that ‘felt right’ for me, I was very surprised and couldn’t help thinking that ‘someone’ was watching over me, after all! Here are the pictures, anyway, of the parcel as it presented itself to me…enjoy!

Obviously not the first time that Bob had packed up a bike on a crate…Very obviously very expert at it! and very compact, too!


Bubble-wrapped from the front


KSS-to-be on the famous bench.


Nicely addressed to me!

Open Sesame! (from the right)

Open Sesame! (from the right)


All very compact, I think you can agree!

DSC06531 DSC06532