The change was subtle, almost unnoticeable, actually. You won’t have noticed anything anymore than I did. A bit like a birthday, actually: “What does it feel like to be 56?” (or whatever) Actually no different to 32 ( – or any other age I could mention – except that my body has ways of reminding me that I am actually ‘older’ – nothing specific, just not 32 anymore!)

Yesterday? No different to the day before, if I’m honest. EXCEPT that my public liability insurance is paid and that I can now trade without having to worry about that aspect (thanks to Steve and Sarah at Job Services Australia). Now I’m actually allowed to earn money as a business and not get slapped on the wrist by DEEWR or anyone else.

The difference will be that I have been able to set up and get this business idea off the ground (with everyone else’s assistance – without them, all completely impossible, my financial and energy resources were already at an end)

The difference will be that I can now make a difference! All that rubbish coming from all over the world (at the moment primarily India) which is flooding the classic bike parts market is going to ruin us all in one way or another and I want to change that, part by part, so that at least some bikes can be rescued from their plight and be repaired, restored or returned to the road in the knowledge that the parts used will ‘last for ever’ and will fit properly.

I am going to put up a guideline page for “Expressions of Interest”, so that YOU can tell ME what you reckon that I could make, to make that difference. I can’t make everything and not all at once, but I do know a few craftsmen who certainly could lend a hand with things that are beyond my technical expertise. Nice would be to have a workshop where all of us could be under one roof, working together towards one aim.

Anyone game for a try at that?? if you are,

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