Just a quick word to say that the transport is all paid for from ‘Melbourne’ (a bit further West, actually). Reasonably priced at $325, they were very friendly and compliant, too. I asked if it were possible to throw in some loose stuff (which they don’t normally like, from my experience), ‘Bikenut’ (no relation!) just said to give the driver an extra $25 for the two wheels, that would be OK.

Some people I mentioned it to had a gripe at the price, but you know what? I would have to find the time and a mate and a ute (which every self-respecting Aussie has already… I know, silly me!). So the trip takes about six hours each way, roundabout, + a load of fuel, so 12 hours without loading and having a yak at the other end and the inevitable pauses along the way to imbibe and exbibe (I like that word, I think I’ll use it again!)…Have to go with a mate to make the driving safer (breaks) and great to have some company and help with loading. Then I would have to run the risk of hitting a roo or two on the way back, even if I started really early. I wouldn’t really want that! Count that all up, the potential cost + a risk of overturning and/or throwing the bike out of the back while evading or running over panicking animals (at night) is just not worth the trouble.

Sure, it’s a lovely jaunt and the weather is just right at the moment and good to go with a mate etc…but count the cost and the Transport Company seems suddenly reasonable, whichever way you look at it!!

One thing that IS a pain, Have to wait! Can’t just get in the Ute and go-get-it, so not the best result for the instant-gratification-mob. These days, everyone wants everything NOW, and to have it ALL, now. Comes from credit cards (no need to save…), travel accessibility for the masses, Internet and all sorts of reasons. A modern affliction, then.

Well, when you have been working on old bikes for a while, you lose your need for immediate gratification. Some things, like a good wine, need time and so hurrying doesn’t really achieve anything, the old more-haste-less-speed thing. The fastest rider on the circuit is the one who takes the right line, most consistently and is not necessarily the one on the ‘fastest’ bike…no? So, there’s nothing for it, I have been given a pickup date late next week and delivery beginning of the week after, so it’ll be here on the 19th and that’s the last drop before Christmas! In the meantime, there’s plenty to get on with, sort out the pictures for the book, get some of the parts that I know are missing, that sort of thing. Breathe in, breathe out! Yes, I’m excited, yes I’d love to have it right now, but it’s no good wishing! I either have to accept the status quo…or…
Go get the bl%$#@! thing myself! What would YOU do??

AMMENDMENT: I might get the bike on the 17th! YAY!

©peter gouws 2011