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My humble thanks!

To start on a really positive note, I have had some fantastic feedback about the Star, my proudly first ‘product’!

I humbly accept their praise and encouragement, as a good deal of work (and money) gets sunk into such projects. This sort of praise makes it all worthwhile, when you know that you can help others out!.

Here some comments from those who have bought my star either from eBay or direct from me through the VOC technical forum or this website:

+ Excellent service in all respects, thank you!

+ great service and delivery,AAA

+ Very well made quality item ..delighted !

+ Thank you so much……. couldn’t be happier

+ Well made, quick delivery, fair price. Thank you. A+++++

+ Highly recommended and commended for communication.

+ Super fast shipping, great communication, nice seller, nice recommended seller!

+ First class item and super helpful seller.

+ I am very pleased. This well made star is difficult to find here in UK. Thanks.

+ Guilt edge deal. Thank you.

+ Peter Gouws has sold me 3 of the inserts he has made, and I can report that they are absolutely first class. Fitted all three of them this afternoon. All of them fit right in with no modification. There is a bit of variation between each of the lights, 1 being original, and 2 being aftermarket, but they all fit in quickly. I had previously bought a couple of the ones from India, and they are a bit crude by comparison. I pulled those out to fit the ones from peter.

+ Yes, I absolutely agree with John about the “star” inserts. Peter sent me replacements for my pattern “stop” lights as well as my old LE which had an original lamp but a missing insert. They took 4 days to come from Oz to UK !! It’s good to see someone taking this kind of trouble to produce the right stuff for us.

+ John xxxxx’s recommendation was gold. Keep up the good work!

While I must concede that things appear to be very slow at the moment, I must admit that this is merely an illusion!
AT present looking after aging parents and far away from the workshop, I have the opportunity to get on with things that I would never do (unless forced to!)… like completely revamp the website and blog.

Enough of the pats on the back… to another subject!

While iWeb has to be just the easiest web-design software to use in the world, since it is completely drag-and-drop, allows picture overlays, complete freedom of placement, absolute WYSIWYG, seamless integration with Aperture and other picture archival programs, simple and intuitive integration of all sorts of video-formats (the list goes on)… The fact remains, that it is no longer ‘supported’. That means in real terms, no more updates, no more development and ultimately, strangulation to death. With each new Operating-system upgrade, there is a risk that it just simple won’t work anymore.

If that were to become the case, I would be ‘stuffed’.

I cannot afford to take that risk, so I have to change my plan. What are the alternatives? Too many to mention, but it would seem that whichever way I look, I cannot overlook Word Press. Impossible! SO… guess what!? I’m at present porting all my website into WP running on a virtual server – (thus preserving the original, while I’m working on the ‘other’ one)

Tedious and boring as batshit, I’m afraid, though it does give me the chance to review the past blogs, it remains very unexiting, and will probably take up at least another couple of weeks, before I can ‘go live’ with the new site. Cross your fingers for me, and I might get it done sooner. I certainly hope so!

My Migration Law studies start in a week or so again, and this semester promises to be pretty full-on…

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