2012-07-11 04.01.16

ZAP! This is main beam of the 50W setup, through the fluted, flat lens

2012-07-11 04.01.05

And this the dipped beam.

Out on the street, this looked quite different:


2012-07-11 04.05.51

…and dipped-beam, again:

2012-07-11 04.05.31

Projected through these eyes.

2012-07-13 13.58.11

The problem over the last few days is, that it has been wet, and so the light reacts very differently when reflected off a wet road, hence the lack of updates. As soon as it dries out, there will be more comparisons, with different lenses and a Halogen bulb (the original hardly even registered on the camera…no comment)

More pictures will be coming soon!

2012-07-05 04.51.23

As a reminder, this is 25W HID.

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