To blog, or not to blog…

I really must apologise for the break, I am, however very tied up with family business which has to take priority at the moment.

There have been hours when I have been in the workshop comparing gearbox-parts and working out what I’m going to need to get one of them together to go on the journey from here to the National Motorcycle Museum, 200-odd Kms North of Sydney…depending on the route that I take, around 2500 Kilometres one way…

I also have to split the cases, as I am going to have to renew the main bearings, although I suspect that they are/were new, but are now rusty from standing without oil…

I have a lot of emails and telephone calls to make, to get this project really going. There are many parts that are missing or damaged and at least need to be replaced. I still have a a lot to do regarding measurements and drawings for the model as well as patterns that may result from questions. I already have a request for the top yoke for the model I have, so I shall, after I have disassembled the forks, set about making a full-size drawing to make a pattern for the part, as well as for the model. I still haven’t decided what the scale should be, but I am tending towards 1:9, which ESCI/ERTL used for their motorcycle models, as well as Protar. Please give me feedback regarding your own wishes and expectations.

The models I shall make available should be fully detailed and capable of being entered in the various modelling exhibitions and for museums as genuinely representative of the bikes represented for the year of manufacture.

I shall also produce some models in pure silver (not ‘Sterling’) and possibly with some parts gold-plated. I also intend to produce mechanically fully-functional engines, perhaps to a larger scale, perhaps 1:6??

Please let me know of any preferences or ideas….

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