Nation on the brink of war?

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On the day of the first round of official National Elections in the Ukraine (the second round will be in about two weeks, if the person in the lead does not get more than 50% of the votes), the tension is building. Some of the polling stations have been ‘captured’ and there is considerable intimidation in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions (“Oblasts”). Some polling stations have remained closed, or had to be closed. In Donetsk, 15 are not working at the last count at 08:30. In Mariupol, of 91, 8 have had to be closed or are not operation, in Krasnoarmeisk, 6 out of 55 remained closed… I wonder what happened to the ‘international observers everyone was talking about a month or so ago??

The Ukrainians are a People with a big heart and great courage; I am convinced that they will together overcome all of these problems today and in the future, wherever they may arise, as an undivided Nation, despite all ‘appearances’ to the contrary. No Nation stands alone, but it is at times of crisis that it becomes obvious who is ‘there’ when you need them…


There has been a  disinformation war being waged on this country’s sovereign soil since the Kremlin’s arrogantly self-styled ‘velvet invasion’ of the Crimea at the beginning of this year…

If you read a broader cross-section of the news, it is easy to understand that there was nothing ‘velvet’ about the invasion at all and that the present situation in the whole of the previously autonomous region is nothing less than dangerously catastrophic (for ALL residents), with grand theft, intimidation, robbery at gunpoint, kidnappings, murder, torture, rape and pillaging order of the day, (orchestrated openly to repress any resistance) by their ‘brothers’ from Russia (who of course at the time STRONGLY denied having ANYTHING to do with it!) and who ostensibly only came there to ‘free’ the ethnic Russian locals from the oppressive shackles of fascism and the ‘illegitimate’ dictatorship in Kiev…  After their ‘legitimate’ leader and defender-of-the-faith (Viktor Yanukovich) was so wrongly forced to flee for his life after the ‘Maidan’ incident.

If you open your eyes and actually look for current information from the Crimea, you will actually find precious little in the English language about what is going in there… The ‘leaders’ (hahaha) of the countries of the “West” seems to have conveniently forgotten about them shitting themselves at the poison dwarf Putin’s obvious middle-finger waving at them and the press has conveniently been distracted in other directions with far more important matters than trivia, like the invasion of sovereign territories close to European borders by diminutive megalomaniacs on steroids…

From the ‘other side’ within the former (?) Ukrainian territory, all reporting of a current nature has quite simply been turned off. For good reason. … Only the propaganda of Russian media, which shows in typical (what we have become accustomed to) time-frame-loop-bombardment, that everything is normal and wonderful, that the population is in a constant state of euphoria with their new-found freedom and the protection by their ‘brothers’, is allowed to be distributed outside the newly-entrenched borders of the Crimea.

All foreign stations have been jammed or their reception made illegal and dangerous to listen to – or more accurately, to have ‘found out’: as in Nazi  times, the mere suspicion is enough to have terminal consequences, so even disagreements with friends and neighbours have also become a dangerous matter… The internet is strictly monitored and restricted and ‘bots’ search tirelessly for ‘dissident’ activity on the web… The population has been forced to ‘automatically’ become Russian citizens by default (a flagrant disregard of human rights under the circumstances) and the names and addresses of those who register that they do not wish to give up their Ukrainian nationality,  are given to the roving gangs of ‘friends of the people’… The food prices have sky-rocketed and thousands have been made unemployed by the shutting down of two ports, which were also necessary for the importing of foodstuffs as well as of other goods… Almost nothing is available now without ‘good connections’, bribery or a gun.

One recent traveller to the Crimea reported this week that, having sold his property in Kiev to ‘consolidate’ in the Crimea, had to bribe the border guard $5000 (!) to even let him pass within a ‘reasonable’ timeframe (and without a beating – He was delayed ‘only’ for four hours, of course because he had to explain his way out of having owned a property in the suspiciously fascist city of Kiev and he had to impress upon them that he was not one of the ‘Maidan’ activists…) and was then further ‘alleviated’ of $100,000 (of the $230,000 he originally had) at gunpoint in front of his family by the leader of military, supposedly to ‘help a friend to relocate’. He could only bring in cash, as the banks there are mostly closed for business at the moment – ostensibly while the changeover to Russian currency takes place –  and this was of course ‘discovered’ by the border-guards on entry to the peninsula at the crossing.

A ‘well documented’ border-crossing and kidnapping is here: and occurred only barely a fortnight ago.

The current situation for the rest of the Ukraine up to now has been less intense in most regions, but for some over the last few weeks has been just as immediately threatening. The situation in the three administrative regions in the East, bordering on Russia, is particularly dangerous and has been the scene of government-building takeovers, killings and disruption for weeks, now openly perpetrated, orchestrated and financed by the Kremlin and their ‘green men’ wearing the St. George’s ribbon (who are otherwise affectionately known as ‘Colorado Beetles’).

Their tactics, as used in the Crimea, are well-known and well enough documented: shooting with rocket-grenade-launchers and using snipers to pick off Ukrainian law-enforcement officers or military, while hiding behind women and children is how it started. Now they come in bus-loads of people armed to the teeth and led by war-hardened Russian veterans ( like ‘Bez’ – look him up yourself) to small, poorly-defended or centrally situated military installations or outposts, mortar-bomb them, kill them with sniper-fire while they try to escape or get their wounded and then tactically retreat, while firing rockets in the ‘other’ direction’ (which is filmed by the Russian journalists that they ‘carry’ with them), to be used as claims that the Ukrainian military are shooting up residential areas. Another tactic is to set up mortars on the roof of schools and other buildings within built-up areas, so to ‘avoid’ fire being returned.

You don’t need me to tell stories like that, anyone who can read or has any recent military experience knows exactly how it works and what is going on. The ‘interim’ government in Kiev has a hard time walking the fine line between attempting to maintain ‘international’ standards of decorum and defending it’s sovereignty, while fighting with internal corruption of the integrity and loyalty within their own military chain of command and police – made even more difficult by sheer massive bribes for inside information and other forms of treason and treachery: Only a few days ago, there was an ambush of a military patrol which could only have been initiated by informants from the ‘inside’. Massively armed insurgents, with careful and meticulous planning – and using weaponry not available to the Ukrainian forces, the attackers used specialised sniping and explosive devices with delayed action and showed a high degree of training and expertise.

All cries for backup, assistance and help retreating or to counter attack were mysteriously ignored, by land and air support, and so they were left alone for four and a half hours to fight it out, with consequential heavy losses. Just another of many similar situations in the last few days and weeks, where inexplicable betrayals have taken place.

This whole situation is one massively taken advantage of by their ‘brotherly neighbour’, who has amassed over 40,000 heavily armed, well trained and equipped troops close to the border (some of which are attired like UN peacekeeping forces, blue-helmets and all!) to come and ‘assist’ (like they did in the Crimea…) in case of any perceived ‘inadequacy’ on the part of the local forces to ‘protect’ the interests or their ethnic Russian brethren – and the Kremlin has refused to back down regarding the airforce-training in air-to-ground operations within site of the border on Sunday, despite the repeated ‘assurances’ over the past weeks and months of returning troops to their permanent bases, withdrawing them from the border.

But we all know what these assurances mean.

Quite apart from the effects of the recent ‘referendum’ with 120% turnout and a 90% vote for self-government … (my invented ‘figures’, but not far from the ‘truth’ according to the ‘legitimised’ terrorists). This had led to the formation of self-styled ‘government’, “People’s Republic of Donetsk” in the regions, claiming to be legitimate and declaring the Ukrainian forces as ‘invaders’ and promising to rid their territories of them with force! In some areas of some cities, the terrorists have free reign to loot, plunder, kidnap, torture and kill at will, in places dismantling and threatening not only disruption of the coming elections…

This, thankfully (but sadly enough) has led to the slow realisation, that despite the constant bombardment with terror-stories like that the fascist government in Kiev are already building gas-chambers to kill all the Russian-speakers in those areas (yes, REALLY!), that the people ‘on the street’ are simply becoming tired of the constant fear that they live under, with curfews and looting and the insecurity of life and limb, forced upon them by their ‘liberators’… it becomes suspicious even to the most hardened ‘Russophiles’, when those same liberators break into your house and hold you at gunpoint (for your protection, you understand!) to shoot your neighbour or to kill soldiers from your bedroom window… which is precisely what is now happening in Krematorsk and Slaviansk and some other towns, including recent events in Mariupol and, of course, Odessa.

This website, is the source of a great deal of up to the minute information, maps and financial news (as far as non-disruption of current military operations allows). Information which is actualised frequently in the Russian Language (but also offers a page of infos in the English language, not quite as up-to-date): Dmitry is a highly respected military man with considerable experience in the field, a true Ukrainian patriot who has taken it upon himself  to assemble a team, whose main purpose is to counteract the brazen disinformation blasted out by Russian media in every shape and form and to give accurate accounts of events as they happen as well as solid considerations of their resulting effects. His sources are varied and reliable and he cross-checks everything; nothing is posted that has not been verified by at least two of his sources and he works in close liaison with the military and government organs.

Other useful ‘English Language ‘sources are the “Kiev Post”, for example, or, the English page of the Ukrainian ‘Pravda’ (usually a few days behind the news). There must be at least 20 sites that I regularly keep up-to-date with, ranging from Russian papers like RT (Russia Today), through to all the US rags like the NYTimes, the European BBC, Guardian etc., as well as German and French journals and countless blogs, Facebook and VK (the Russian/ Ukrainian equivalent) and the dreaded ‘twitter’, which seems to used more by the terrorists to keep in touch with one another… and advertise their campaigns!

I have found the US and some European mogul media reports to be strangely biased (or devoid of information perhaps, because they haven’t even bothered to send reporters of their own) and that their pointed refusal to report (at all) on some events to be sadly lacking. In the US perhaps out of a distance from the local ‘happenings’, but Reuters and other multinationals should be in a different position… Just my opinion.

All over the Ukraine there has been a massive influx of weapons, ammunition, and ‘holiday makers’ from the East that has been noted (only a fraction of which have been intercepted), armed and financed as usual with Russian ‘sympathy’; a large proportion of the weapons being sourced  either directly from (only) Russian military equipment or ‘redistributed’ arms stolen or ‘requisitioned’ from the Crimea and other looted Ukrainian military/police establishments (recycling) and personnel coming into the Ukraine from the Crimea, holding ‘Ukrainian’ passports – which are readily accessible by the ‘powers-that-be’ there. Even ‘Red Cross’ ambulances have been  ‘disappeared’, the suspicion being that they could be used to disguise the ‘insertion’ of dissidents to disrupt the elections…

Only today there have been unauthorised crossings of there Ukrainan border by truckloads of terrorists, ‘aided’ by Russian border-guards, there has been a detention of a ‘holiday-maker’ crossing the border, who turned out to be terrorists trained in Rostov-on-Don, with experience in Chechenien, given money and means to shoot soldiers ( and promises of a ‘reward of $100 per ‘ordinary’ soldier and $1000 for each officer killed) + an extra €2000 on his return…

Even in the regions of the West of the country (so on the ‘left; of the Dnepr, which runs down from Kiev, past Dnipropetrovsk to the Black sea), where the situation (apart from in Odessa – a special case) has been relatively ‘quiet’, the situation is tense and the population is scared of what might happen, with all sorts of rumours circulating, whose sole purpose is to keep voters away from the polls.

The situation in the ‘Donbas’ allows that polling and counting of votes can still be held as ‘valid’ over and above a given participation level in each of the regions as a whole, so the control of (at the moment 11) polling-stations by terrorists will have no influence on the viability of the outcome of the election as such, but that does not mean they EVERYONE has to be ready for considerable disruption and even loss of life. There have been attempts to blow up Border crossings, to bring in weapons, people and money (for bribery), Military convoys in trucks, attempts to blow up bridges and take over airfields, telecommunications towers and TV stations, storming of Police and Military posts all of this and more and increasing in vehemence, regularity and frequency over the past days… What more is to come?

No one can tell at the moment. All that remains to be said is that the situation in the Ukraine is FAR worse, than anyone in the complacent Western Europe could imagine when I see the almost compete lack of even mention of the upcoming elections (does anybody KNOW, does anyone really CARE?) and the nonchalant disregard for objective appraisals of the consequences (not only within the Ukraine) of any further encroachment of its sovereignty.

I am actually shocked. The Ukriane is the single largest sovereign piece of land bordering Europe with a sizeable population, 46 Million, of which 37 Million are Ukrainian, the ‘rest’ made up of Russian, Romanian, Belorussian, Tartar, Bulgarian,  Hungarian, Polish, Jewish, Armenian, Greek, Georgian and other ‘minorities’, including Germans.

What really shocks me is not what is actually ‘going on’ there (which is bad enough) No, what REALLY ‘gets me’ is the complete lack of concern and interest shown by the ‘Western World’. The events of the next days and weeks are likely to change the whole geopolitical future of us all, if we do not take a watchful eye and perhaps even get up off our backsides and DO something to support them in some tangible way, instead of sitting back in our comfy-chairs, lamely wagging our ‘naughty-naughty-finger at the TV, while taking another sip of brandy from the glass in the other hand

Unthinkable in the cosy West and Europe, where the situation as a whole has been largely ignored and the Ukraine has been oft to ‘manage’ (i.e. ‘keep a lid on it’) on there own and desist from making anyone else feel uncomfortable…

Anything could happen, and mark my word, it probably will.

and Russia is carrying out ‘exercises’ with airborne military ‘coincidentally’ right on the border and at the same time as the elections. This is solely to keep the Ukrainian military overstretched, so that they cannot be utilised INSIDE their own territory to uphold the peace during the polling on Sunday, so that they have an excuse to march in to protect the interests of their brothers and sisters.

Are we ready for this?? Seriously? Does anyone INFORM US that this is a possibility and that the ‘West’ is prepared to DO something about it? Or even offer REAL support? Of course not!

You should be more interested in where you get your next LOAN from (even if you are bankrupt, at an ‘affordable’ 49.9% APR!) or to watch how those nice firemen rescued a cute little pussy cat from up a tree – on the national news. It make me sick, sorry.

Russia does not stop at the border provocations – MFA (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)
24/05/2014 – 14:30

“On May the 24th at about 4:00am, the Military State Border Service of Ukraine near the crossing point “Dubrovka“ in the Donetsk region recorded another unauthorised crossing of the border with the Russian Federation of two vans, each of which contained five armed men . There is every reason to believe that, like previous violations by the Russian border, the provocation occurred with the direct assistance and connivance of the Russian border guards.

In this regard, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning Russia’s attempts to destabilize the situation in the East of Ukraine.

“Despite repeated requests by Ukraine to the Russian side to stop provocations on the border, as well as the leaders of Russia’s hypocritical statements about their alleged non-involvement in supporting terrorist groups in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, in practice, the Kremlin continues to purposefully implement the scenario of further destabilisation of the situation in our country. His priority is to disrupt the Presidential Elections in Ukraine on May 25 through intimidation , hostage-taking , murder of the local population , preventing normal operation of election commissions” –
The Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs said in a statement earlier today.

The MFA reasonably believe that organised by the Russian authorities to enter the territory of Ukraine, armed terrorist groups are nothing but another act of aggression against Ukraine, showing Russia’s continued cynical disregard of the rules and principles of international law.

” We appeal to the entire international community to immediately take all possible measures in order to stop the aggressor , not to let him break the process of democratic will of the Ukrainian people ,” – said a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

As previously reported, Russian border guards turn a ” blind eye ” to the facts of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine with Russia.

Quote of the day? From Dmitry Tymchuk, on his Facebook page:

” A nation that has become a victim of aggression must be protected – otherwise it is not a nation . Ukrainians disastrously weak state . But we have a huge stock of patriotism and desire for freedom . I can imagine a thief or corrupt Ukrainian . But I can not imagine a Ukrainian as a slave ”

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